Dr. Alex Godwin COUTINHO

Dr. Alex Godwin COUTINHO

Dr Alex Godwin COUTINHO, Executive Director of the Infectious Disease Institute

Dr. Alex Godwin COUTINHO, Born in Uganda in 1959. Obtained an MD and an MSc at Makerere University and MPH from University Witwatersrand. Former Chief Executive of The AIDS Support Oraganization (TASO). Current Executive Director of the Infectious Disease Institute – Makerere University.
The Second Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize for Medical Services goes to Dr. Alex Godwin COUTINHO for his pioneering efforts to expand access to life-sparing medicine for people infected with HIV.

Working directly with Africa’s oldest HIV patients’ advocacy organisation TASO (The AIDS Support Oraganisation), Dr. Coutinho has created models of HIV prevention, care, and treatment that both bring high professional rigor to medical services, and empower patients, families and communities.

Dr. Coutinho’s efforts focused on the needs of the poorest of the Africa’s poor, bringing AIDS care to thousands of individuals long underserved for all forms of health care, thus serving as a model of applicable for a broader range of medical exigencies.

Dr. Coutinho took the TASO community model and adapted it to treatment scale up so that ARVs could reach the needy in the remotest corners of Uganda. The model is now been adopted globally and enables the poorest to get their treatment close to where they live.